The BEST Risk Management Approach for YOUR Project

Your Project is unique. Your Project environment is unique. And your Risk Management needs are unique.

  • Should you use Quantitative Risk Analysis?
  • Do you need Risk Trend Analysis?
  • Are Risk Audits appropriate for YOUR project?
  • If so, How many and when?
  • How much is enough risk management?
  • How much is too much risk management?

Our Project Assessment Tool will help answer all of those questions for YOUR project.


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YOUR Unique Project

When recommending a Project Risk Management Approach, our Project Assessment Tool takes into consideration :

  • your sponsor's Risk Appetite,
  • the duration of your project,
  • the estimated cost of your project,
  • the impact your project will have,
  • contracts you are engaged in,
  • the scope of your project,
  • the consequences of your project,
  • the strategic alignment of your project,
  • legal aspects of your project,
  • complexity of your project,
  • the technology you use in your project,
  • the assurance requirements of your project, and
  • how complicated your project is.