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How to Define Your Project's Priorities

  • Identify and Resolve Discrepancies: Project Sponsors rarely explicitly define the priority of the project objectives. Undefined priorities invariably contain discrepancies. Identify and resolve those discrepancies early.
  • Document the Agreed Priorities: Once you have the Priorities Defined and Agreed, document and communicate them. Your project team will be able to apply their efforts to the greatest efficacy if they are clear on the Project's Priorities.
  • Adjust your Planning, Execution and Reporting: Your newly defined Priorities need to cascade into your Project Planning, Task Execution and your reporting. Your project should reflect your project priorities in all aspects.

How do we do it?

We use the a tool called the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)


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Balance your priorities.

The AHP tool helps you define your priorities.

We often know that A is more important than B. And that C is less important than B. But if we were to aggregate our paired comparison to rank our priorities, we'd end up with a big steaming pile of inconsistancy.

That's where the AHP tool comes in. It helps us normalise paired comparisons that would otherwise be inconsistant.

It helps us determine what our priorities are. And those priorities feed into everything we do in the project, saving us time, money and untold headaches!